Legume Pulses

What is Legume Pulses about?

Do you want to know more about peas, beans and lentils? I will go into depth with informative articles. I’ll cover basic information on a wide variety of legumes and pulses. Which means our articles will cover both fresh and dried legumes. Have look around the site you can discover a wide range of different pulses used in cuisine around the world.

How is this site different?

This site specializes on edible legumes and pulses. So if you want to identify your peas or beans we are a good place to start your research. However, I also cover useful tips on gardening, sprouting, preserving and cooking legumes and pulses. Not to mention you can also find easy to prepare recipes.

Why I started Legume Pulses

I have always had a strong in botany and growing plants. But it was living in Japan which gave me the inspiration for the site. The Japanese enjoy a very traditional diet of fresh vegetables and fruits. And it's not uncommon to have 6-10 different vegetables for dinner. Many of which are beans such as Edo Mame, Adzuki and Kuro Mame. But in the West we also have a strong culture of eating beans and peas with hundreds of varieties available. What happened to our traditional way of eating? So this site was born to help those who are interested in growing and cooking legumes of all varieties.

About the blog owner

Hi I’m Brett. Are you as passionate about web site on Legumes, pulses and sprouts as I am? I studied horticultural science in New Zealand and I have keen interest in gardening. I really love heritage seeds and the old fashioned varieties of vegetables. I currently work as a teacher and I have another blog dedicated to 19th-century cookery. I think I’m well placed to make the site interesting and also informative. Have a look, I hope you like what you find.

Brett Standeven

Content Editor

To be honest I'm more at home in the garden than online. My favorite garden would have to be Anne Hathaway's Cottage. The vegetable garden simply amazing.

Why trust the Legume Pulses articles?


  • I studied Horticultural Science
  • Have a strong interest in, homesteading and gardening and cookery
  • I research food history 
  • Run another blog about 19th-century cookery
  • I’m an experienced teacher with over 15-years experience
  • Lived in Japan for over 17-years